just for you!!u know who u are 

Astonishingly, amazingly, perfectly beautiful. I love peacocks-Pix
P.T (Pix Thought): To peacocks this must be a massive imperfection, but I think it’s so beautiful. So what we may see as imperfections really makes us beautiful to someone else.
Now this is my current favorite wedding dress-Pix
Kinda goth-y I guess.
My friend Lily (ginger, obviously) had a dream that I was getting married and she was my bridesmaid, but I was getting married in a black and purple and red- gothy dress. So, prepare for goth wedding dress spam.
Amazing art
Space is always the most beautiful thing for me- Pix

This is the offical ‘i care’ symbol
This is how it works:Basically you reblog this and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at their message. if you care about your followers please reblog.

I care-Pix
This is so beautiful. It kinda reminds me of Sarah-Pix
At first I didn’t like Fleurs dress, but now I want it to be mine. I guess the black put me off-Pix
PS, Aren’t they sweet (iftotallyrandomlikeallHarryPotterromancesexceptRomionie)